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WATCH: Pehredaar Piya Ki Honeymoon Episode, 9 year old boy going honeymoon with 19 year old girl,

The logical reason that the showmakers have given for the 19-year-old marrying the kid is extremely unrealistic and makes as much sense as the trailers or the first episodes. The prime time TV show which has the most bizarre take on child marriage and shows a 9-year-old kid marrying a 19-year-old woman. In spite of the obvious promotion of child marriage and even paedophilic behaviour in the first few episodes as well as the trailers, the makers of the TV show justified their stand and said that it is all a part of the creatively different plot which requires the marriage and also stated that they do not support child marriage

The first episode of Pehredaar Piya Ki was all about stalking and how a kid enjoys taking pictures or an older woman and the second episode degraded to taking some crass crotch shots, and other takes directed with various sexual innuendos that made anyone uncomfortable. Despite everything that was seen on the screen, actors and directs of Pehredaar Piya Ki continued to justify the story and asked people to be patient with the show.


And so weeks after its premiere, the story has evolved pretty well, and now the 9-year-old kid will be going on a honeymoon with his 19-year-old wife, because of logic. Despite all the explanations that have been provided, there is no denying that the show unnecessarily indulged in marrying off the kid to a woman and has clearly taken the Indian television industry to a new low.

The show also has dialogues like, “He is a kid, we don’t know when he will be big enough to satisfy you,” and prominently shows the kid putting Vermillion on the woman’s forehead. The fact that the show is still being broadcasted and having great ratings, despite its crass story and blood curling plot, summarises everything that is wrong with the world we live in.

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Updated: August 7, 2017 — 6:12 pm

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