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WATCH: Kumar Vishwas Kapil Sharma Show Episode, also Chandan Prabhakar back on the show

Two big news came together from the show of The Kapil Sharma Show. First, Chandan Prabhakar, who has left the show, has returned to the show. The second big news is that the world’s largest name of Hindi poetry, i.e. Dr. Kumar Vishwas, will be guests of this show in the next episode.

A source from Kapil Sharma’s production house told that the clearance of Dr. Kumar Biswas for the Shayar Special episode last week and this episode was shot on 24th June. This episode will be aired on this Saturday, July 1. In this episode, Shire Relief will be Indoori and Shayra Shabina Adib along with Kumar Vishwas.


After the controversy between Kapil Sharma and the show’s artist Sunil Grover in March, Ali Asgar and Chandan Prabhakar, including Grover, left the show. This week Chandana has returned to the show and Kapil warmly welcomed the set of sandalwood. In this episode promo, Kapil and Chandan are also referring to the incident that took place in the airplane, after which Grover Kapil left.

On the other hand, Dr. Kumar Biswas is a big news coming to the event as a guest on the show. After the controversy, the show has been staging for TRP over the past several weeks. The source said that the channel for Shire Special Episode was in touch with the Office of Dr. Kumar Vishwas for several weeks.


Apart from being a poet, Dr. Kumar believes in politics too, in this episode, besides poetry and joke, political drag-tan can also be seen. In the promo, Kapil is being seen saying, Paresh Rawal came in the show last week, which is from BJP, Congress (Sidhu) is in front of him in every episode, but this time you (AAP) Party) has come in this episode, so in this sense all my party’s people got upset.

It will be known only on Saturday that there will be a hint in the episode, how shayari will be, and how much will be done, but it is certain that the question of Dr. Kumar Vishwas and Kapil Sharma, both of whom had been asking for the past several months, Is going to be completed on July 1.

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Updated: June 30, 2017 — 5:36 pm

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