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WATCH Deepak Sharma new viral video kidnap facebook admin created meme: Deepak Sharma beat a guy video online

A man identified as Deepak Sharma from Jaipur kidnapped and brutally beat-up a young boy for, hear this, making a MEME! To all those, who need a moment to breathe and gulp that piece of information, this is your cue. Deepak Sharma sends a message to all the meme makers, by beating up a young boy on camera. Yes, he posted a live video on Facebook and warned all who make fun of “his religion.

The Internet has become a modern day bridge that can make anyone famous within the fortnight. Be it Bangladeshi actor Hero Alom, Indian singer Dhinchak Pooja, or people of Ejaz Khan, Pramod Dubey, and Deepak Sharma kind. One strange video on trolling himself/herself or recording anything that is extremely strange is all enough to give a kick start to the Internet fame.


Deepak Sharma, this month’s sensation, though he started his epic awkward journey on the Internet long back, his latest video regarding his educational qualifications have made him a center of memes. With so many illogical claims and degrees, there’s definitely no room to assume that memes might go out of his reign.

Deepak found a Facebook Admin who created some offensive memes on him. He literally kidnapped the admin and assaulted him at some under construction kind of place. On the top of it, he even went Facebook Alive, shared the video, millions of users watched the video. Deepak in his video beats the boy blue and black. He even uttered derogatory comments on the meme makers.

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Updated: July 31, 2017 — 5:36 pm

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