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WATCH Bolna Aunty Aun Kya Event in Delhi (Connaught Place) & Mumbai (Marine): Omprakash Mishra Bolna Aunty Aun Kya Song Event

On September 11, people especially youth from Delhi and Mumbai came together, thanks to one music Bolna Aunty Aun Kya. An occasion invite to buddies on Facebook resulted in individuals coming together to make historical past in their very own candy approach. You guys might wonder why they came together, here is the backgrounder: In 2015, a young and assured rapper, Omprakash Mishra ventured into YouTube with what he had to supply Aunty Ki Ghanti a rap song about a young boy’s love with a woman who is relatively older to him.

The Internet is home to a lot of viral and at-the-verge-of-going viral stuff that millennials fondly call pop sensation. Be it the trending hashtags or the tagging trade that pushes the contenders the extra mile, into the mainstream, the meme business is flourishing now more than ever!


And hey, we bring you all of that. We bring you the ones where you can at-the-rate your friend and have a good laugh, while you surf the malicious lanes of the inter-web. We do try to make it worth your while. In fact, I remember meeting on several occasions to discuss youth anthems like Selfie Maine Leli Aaj by Internet sensation, Dhinchak Pooja. But guys, where do we draw the line? If you haven’t given it that a thought, it’s about time you did.

Although over 13,000 people said they were interested in attending the flash mob, it all seemed like a joke. That was until Connaught Place witnessed an unusual gathering on Sunday. It wasn’t a group of protesters or a bunch of artists but a band of girls and boys, who could be heard shouting two lines from the song in a loop.

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Updated: September 13, 2017 — 11:26 am

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