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WATCH Bigg Boss Telugu 3rd September, Episode 50th LIVE Update: Archana, Mumaith or Diksha who will eliminate today

On the 50th episode of the Bigg Boss Telugu house, which is a weekend episode with Tarak, there was a surprise for the inmates. The episode kick started with telecast of the Friday happenings at the house where Archana and Navdeep were seen chatting playfully about how they feel when either of them will leave the house. Archana gets offended when Navdeep tells her that he would be happy for her if she leaves the house because, she cannot handle things on her own.

The members, who celebrated Mumaith‘s birthday relax by the pool when Mumaith decides that Archana and Diksha will be dropped into the pool. Later, with the help of Navdeep and Siva Balaji, Mumaith succeeds in taking Hari Teja to the pool and dropping her in. That night, Mumaith holds on to Siva Balaji very firmly and asks Hari Teja and Diksha to take revenge. While Hari Teja playfully slaps Siva, Diksha tries to bite him. Later, all the girls except Archana attack him. Then Hari Teja enthrals the inmates with her Thitla Dandakam.


A special cake designed for Mumait’s 32nd birthday by her mother is unveiled by Sachiin and the entire inmates celebrate Mumait’s birthday and greet her. Following the celebrations, Sachiin then exits the house with the advice to the inmates asking them to be themselves. Later, Hari Teja says she didn’t like the birthday cake unlike the cake she tasted on Adarsh’s birthday.

Meanwhile, Tarak targets Archana and gets a video telecast of her eating a burger secretly in the presence of Diksha and Mumaith. Later, another video of Mumaith and Archana stealing chocolates, Diksha, Archana and Mumaith checking on their secretly placed cookies were shown. All the team members burst out in laughter. Following which, as a punishment, Adarsh and Siva Balaji are asked not to touch anything from the luxury budget until next week.

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Updated: September 3, 2017 — 4:57 pm

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