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WATCH Bigg Boss Telugu 31st August Episode 47 Live Update: today’s Episode Childhood Memories Bigg Boss Telugu Day 46

On Day 45 of the Bigg Boss Telugu house, the housemates are woken up to the 70s song Rimjhim Rimjhim. Hariteja starts cycling while the housemates take turns to sit on the rickshaw behind her. The housemates and her sing songs while cycling, making the task a fun one. Hariteja tells Adarsh how she used to use her mother’s old cycle to go to school.

Navdeep tells Bigg Boss that all the housemates want ingredients for Mutton Biriyani, except for Diksha who wants Chicken Biriyani. The housemates are given a task after they reach ‘Guntur’, where they have to split red mirchi and pack them into 50 packets. The housemates chitchat and crack jokes while packing the mirchis and Archana does the task without gloves on.


The housemates know they have to perform Harikatha or Burrakatha when they reach Kurnool and Archana says she wants to. When Hariteja and the rest of the housemates ask her if she even knows the intricacies of the art, she starts sulking and says she doesn’t want to. Hariteja says she doesn’t understand why it has to be a competition, with Archana always focusing on whom instead of how.

After reaching Kurnool, Mumait keeps arguing with Archana while Hariteja dresses in traditional garb. Hariteja starts creatively singing about Bigg Boss and the housemates and she begins narrating the happenings of each week in Burrakatha style. At the end, she asks them in the same style to not make an issue out of whatever she narrated during the skit. The housemates are blown away by her talent and humour.


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Updated: August 31, 2017 — 5:23 pm

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