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WATCH Bigg Boss Telugu 2nd Sep 5th Week Elimination LIVE Update: Who will be eliminate today Bigg Boss Telugu

Bigg Boss Telugu house begins with Archana telling Navdeep that he’s so smart; he makes people forget what their point was. She reads his palm and says the lines on his palm reaffirm the same. The theme of the house today is childhood and Bigg Boss makes the housemates relive their childhood memories. He shows them their photos from childhood and they recount sweet memories. The captaincy task is announced running along the same theme.

The housemates all wear balloons around their waist. They are handed a pin and told seven buzzers will be sounded off. One balloon must be burst per buzzer and Mumait and Prince get into an argument about the task immediately. Mumait feels privileged and asks them to not burst her balloon and says they might as well burst her balloon before the task if they’re going to do it anyway.


Diksha targets Archana and they run around the pool for a while. When it’s Archana’s turn she manages to run behind Diksha and burst her balloon. Navdeep refuses to give up his balloon and asks Archana and Mumait to fight it out. He says he will give it up when him and Archana or Mumait are left so the other person can win. He manages to burst Archana’s balloon and him and Mumait are left. Prince bursts Navdeep’s balloon without a fight and Mumait wins by default, despite not really competing for it.

Adarsh congratulates Mumait and says that Dhanraj will be happy for her. Hariteja and Navdeep discuss how the captaincy task was super easy and maybe it means that Mumait will leave. Archana later asks Navdeep why he gave up the captaincy so easily at the end to Mumait.

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Updated: September 2, 2017 — 9:13 am

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