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WATCH Bigg Boss Telugu 29th August Episode 44 LIVE Update: Archana fight with Prnce Bigg Boss Telugu

On day 44 in the Bigg Boss Telugu house, the day begins with Sivabalaji wanting to use the washroom but having to wait till Diksha does. Bigg Boss sends in groceries and the housemates notice that they’ve gotten extra. Archana says she misses Dhanraj. Despite the extra groceries, Diksha keeps asking Bigg Boss to send her some other items.

Hariteja and Sivabalaji are called into the confession room and Prince thinks it’s a couple nomination. But Bigg Boss tells them they have an activity to carry out where Hariteja will behave like a monkey and Sivabalaji will be her handler. They have to collectively annoy housemates and to keep his monkey happy, Sivabalaji may feed her bananas, chocolates and lollipops.


Sivabalaji asks Mumait that the chocolates are only for Hariteja, but Mumait comes out and tells Prince that housemates are allowed to take the chocolates. Archana steals chocolates from the stash and hides them under her bed, and later Navdeep does the same. Archana and Sivabalaji have an argument in the kitchen and he loses his temper. Diksha tries to justify his behaviour when Archana cribs. Hariteja says something that leads to an argument between Diksha and Archana.

Days after coming out of Bigg Boss Telugu, Dhanraj took to his Facebook account posted a photo of his new-born son. Thousands of his fans have like the picture, while hundreds of them shared it. The actor was flooded with congratulatory messages. In the reply to the same post, a few also expressed their doubt that Bigg Boss Telugu is scripted.

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Updated: August 29, 2017 — 5:05 pm

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