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WATCH: Bigg Boss Telugu 26th July Episode 10 Update: after Sampoo leave the show

The 9th episode of Bigg Boss Telugu aired on Tuesday, revealed the Burning Star Sampoornesh Babu’s violent behaviour and he subsequently leaving the house. The Hrudaya Kaleyam actor was seen emotionally drained from last week and was feeling claustrophobic. During the course of his manic behaviour, Sampoo reportedly tried to pull off a stint by attempting suicide at the Bigg Boss house.

As per the contract, the contestants will not leave the house at their will, but have to follow the rules and regulations of the house. Bigg Boss and other inmates tried to convince Sampoo who did not want to stay in the house even for a second. The actor will now be facing legal consequences and has to pay huge financial penalties as per the contract with the makers of Bigg Boss. While attempted to suicide is no longer unlawful, but he would be facing the legal charges for breach of contract.


Mumait, Archana and Sameer sit in the garden area and discuss about how Mumait’s refusal to clean the bathrooms has been misconstrued. During Hariteja and Kalpana’s conversation, when Kalpana blames Mumait, Hariteja explains that maybe the housemates take Mumait for granted and expect her to be strong all the time. But, Kalpana does not agree.

Sampoo gets called to the confession room and Bigg Boss tells him that he has come here on his own consent and that no one had forced him to. He makes it clear that rules can’t be bent for him and that Bigg Boss does not intend to let him out. However, should he choose to eliminate himself, he is free to do so. Sampoo thanks Bigg Boss and leaves the house.

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Updated: July 26, 2017 — 5:21 pm

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