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WATCH Bigg Boss Telugu 23rd Sep Episode 70 Live Update: Last day in the house Celebration time Bigg Boss Day 79

First Season of Jr NTR hosted Bigg Boss Telugu will come to an end on September 24th, 2017 which will be the grand finale. After ten weeks of drama, comedy, revenge and surprises, Bigg Boss Telugu First season will end on Sunday and the left out five contestants will tussle it out in the final round of elimination. The voting time for the contestants will end tonight at 12:00 AM and the winner will be announced in the Sunday’s episode by host Jr NTR.

Bigg Boss Telugu started on July 16th, 2017 and the last ten weeks saw a mix of numerous emotions like humour, drama, revenge and surprises. Bigg Boss Telugu managed to grab a lot of attention in these ten weeks and the channel airing the show rose to the top of the charts in terms of TRPs. Social media is filled with predictions of who would emerge the winner of the first season of Bigg Boss Telugu and all the contestants Siva Balaji, Adarsh, Archana, Hari Teja and Navdeep have been receiving equal support from their followers.


Bigg Boss asks Archana to wear her mike bag properly and the housemates ask him to not ask her so politely. Navdeep says the housemates are looking forward to Bigg Boss giving a finishing touch to his relationship with Archana, he asks him to scare her with lizards. The housemates all make fun of her when she gets scared of the idea itself. Later, Bigg Boss will collage them all together and show them their sweet memories. Sivabalaji makes the housemates banana crepes and serves it with ice cream and Navdeep cannot handle it!

The housemates are all happy to see her; she and Archana hug each other coldly. Navdeep brings up how she labelled them on the stage and asks her if she can talk about it. Hariteja also trips on her about the same till she gets irritated. Navdeep acknowledges that Diksha being sent in is the finishing touch to Bigg Boss‘s relationship with Archana. Diksha keeps whining about how the audience perceive her.

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Updated: September 23, 2017 — 5:22 pm

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