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WATCH Bigg Boss Telugu 13th Sep Episode 60 Live Update: Naa Maate Shashanam Freeze luxury budget task Bigg Boss Telugu Day 59

There are currently six members in the Bigg Boss House. 1. Navdeep 2. Shivabalaji 3. Archana 4. Hariteheja 5. Adarsh 6. Diksha. Those nominated for this week are Archana, Haritheza, Adarsh and Deeksha. Two of them – Adarsh and Diksha can be sent OUT. Last week, Navdeep, Sivabalaji, Archana and Harithaja are expected to surf. Since the beginning of Bigg Boss, The show has a lot of twists. Dhanraj, who will last till the end of the Prince show, is not just to the fans but to the audience.

Archana, Deeksha and Shivabalaji, who have been nominated for much of the house, are the unexpected turn of Prince Dandaraj, who has been nominated for a short time. There is friendship between Adarsh and Prince participating in Bigg Boss Telugu Show. They participated in the show together. But when Prince was eliminated last week,Did Adarsh play a game that could hinder your friendship? The answer to the question Prince is not Adarsh but also audiences.


Diksha asked Adarsh she’s prepared this week and what is her next plan if she will be evicted this week. Adarsh tells Diksha he didn’t expect Prince to leave but he evicted sadly despite he was one of the most promising contestant of the show. Bigg Boss calls Navdeep into the confession room and he discusses with the Bigg Boss about the house. Navdeep comes and declares that all the inmates have to play Naa Maate Shashanam which is the luxury budget task.

In the task the contestants’ have to be freeze, rewind, fast forward and walk in slow motion whenever Bigg Boss will be ask them to do so. Every time the Bigg Boss theme song comes up, the housemates have to dance post they will be arriving together in the living room. Bigg Boss freezes the housemates now and Sivabalaji’s wife is arrived in the Bigg Boss house and she hugs Sivaji but Sivaji is unable to give response as he should be remaining frozen. Archana and Adarsh get emotional about it and Hariteja points out that she predicted right.

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Updated: September 13, 2017 — 5:23 pm

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