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WATCH Bigg Boss Telugu 11th August Episode 27 Live Update: double elimination this week Bigg Bogg Telugu

This episode of Bigg Boss Telugu starts off with Mumait telling Archana how she did not like the way Adarsh dealt with the problem he had with Mahesh. She says he could’ve either ignored it or found a solution instead of confronting Mahesh.

The next morning, Hariteja and Kalpana dance to the song they are woken up to and Deeksha tells Karthika that their dance will win them votes. Mumait asks Bigg Boss to send an eligible bachelor into the house so she can date him. Hariteja tells Mahesh that she didn’t care the first few weeks, but now she feels greedy and wants to stay in the house. While Mahesh and other housemates discuss about Adarsh, Karthika keeps relaying all the information to him. Later, Archana asks Adarsh why he questioned Mahesh and Adarsh tells her that he doesn’t trust Mahesh because he’s being a hypocrite.


The housemates are told that they will receive calls from their loved ones. But before that, they have to tell each other what they promised their loved ones. There will be a ‘chance to talk meter’ near the phone that will have to be refilled through the sacrifices the housemates make. Archana, Sivabalaji, Kalpana, Dhanraj, Karthika and Prince receive calls from their loved ones. Whoever picks the call has to guess whom the call is for, based on the hints given and Prince loses Mumait’s call by guessing wrong.

While Mumait initially doesn’t want to receive a call, she changes her mind. After Karthika’s call, three housemates are asked to give up their mattresses for a refill and they happily do. But after Prince’s call, the housemates must collectively nominate two people who will directly go into elimination next week for the rest to receive their calls.

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Updated: August 11, 2017 — 4:39 pm

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