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WATCH Bigg Boss Telugu 10th August Episode 26 Live Update: today episode housemates recieve call from the loved once

Contestants of Bigg Boss Telugu wake up grooving to the title song of Nani’s latest hit, Nenu Local, signalling the start of day 24 in the house. While Mumait Khan and Kathi Mahesh kick off the day by discussing the happenings of the previous day, Kalpana supports Siva Balaji’s decision in switching over to lemon tea from milk tea due to limited quantity of milk.

Archana and Dhanraj talk about Kalpana making an issue out of everything. Later, Archana cleans the swimming pool as Mumait, Hari Teja and Siva Balaji indulge in some fun talk. Mumait requests Bigg Boss to send a guy into the house, who is over 30 and unmarried. As Hari Teja and Archana offer to her their husband and boyfriend respectively, Mumait jocularly says that she wants an unused guy, making the rest of them laugh out loud.


Bigg Boss summons the inmates to the lobby area and expresses displeasure over the inmates’ performance in the luxury budget task. He also ridicules Kathi Mahesh for his negligence in conducting the task and asks the contestants to name the worst four participants. After long deliberation, when Prince names Kathi Mahesh, Dhanraj, Adarsh and Mumait as the worst performers of the task, the rest of the teammates show solidarity.

Before retiring to bed, when Diksha and Kalpana have a word, Archana arrives. Much to the amusement of the viewers, Archana appreciates Kalpana for her spirit of being nice to everybody despite several accusations and being nominated by the members of the house repeatedly. Kalpana takes it as a genuine compliment.

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Updated: August 10, 2017 — 5:38 pm

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