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WATCH: Bigg Boss Tamil Oviya, Snehan engage, but on other Oviya proposed to Aarav

A couple of days after actress Oviya proposed to Aarav in the Bigg Boss house, it was time for Aarav to show his affection towards the pretty heroine. In an interesting task given to choose their soulmates in the house, the hot Trichy-based model declared that he was fond of Oviya’s chilled-out attitude and chose her as his soulmate.

Oviya was visibly surprised when he took her name and looked happy as well. Even while she had chosen Snehan as her soulmate for all the fights and patch-up that they do in the house and calling him her brother, Aarav stunned Oviya with his first expression of love and affection towards her in the house. Though it is evident that Oviya started the proposal on a jovial and funny note, looks there might be something in the making.


The housemates were given an individual task. Each housemate was given a bracelet and was told to give it to the person in the house they think as their soulmate. Oviya, clearly playing her game, handed it to Snehan, with whom she had a verbal duel earlier that day. While Aarar, who is seemingly falling for Oviya, gave it to her.

In the bedroom, all the women contestants were discussing the possibility of Oviya and Aarar becoming a couple. Many opined that Oviya will not flirt with Aarar once she was out of the Bigg Boss house and Oviya seemed to slightly agree with the opinion by keeping mum. Harathi Ganesh said that Aarar might take Oviya’s overtures seriously.

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Updated: June 30, 2017 — 5:17 pm

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