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WATCH: Bigg Boss Tamil Episode 67th 30 August Live Update, Arrow spilled by questions Bigg Boss Tamil on Day 66

On day 66 on Bigg Boss Tamil, Snehan and Aarav discuss the concept of the show. Snehan says he isn’t able to understand the scheme of things now as people who were nominated and evicted are back on the show. He says some came mid-way after watching what was happening in the house. He says only four people from the old lot are left in the house-Vaiyapuri, Snehan, Aarav and Ganesh. In the meantime, Vaiyapuri says that he misses his family more than anything. He adds that he has been himself and that he was not acting.

Ganesh says the arrival of Julie and Harathi was a major surprise. In the women’s room antakshari is on in full swing and Ganesh says that fun is back in the house. Julie tells Ganesh that she has lost her name and that she is ready to accept healthy criticism and thus, ready to change. She adds that if the criticism is bad, she would just ignore it.


Bigg Boss asks the losing team to do all the household chores- cooking, dishwashing and cleaning the house. If the winning team is not satisfied with the work, they can punish the losing team. But, he asks the punishment given to be unique. Madurai team cannot use the sofa and have to sing a song whenever they use the bathroom. If they want to use a particular area, the NRI team should assign a task. Only if they win the task, can they use the area. If they want to use the smoking room, they need to carry someone from the winning team and drop them at the smoking room.


Bigg Boss Tamil Aarav Snehan and Kaajal nominated for elimination is one of the most loved and controversial shows of Indian Television. With host as popular and stylish as Kamal Haasan, the reality programme is now in its 10th week. Amid the Sunday weekend special episode, the Bigg Boss Tamil contestants were asked to nominate the inmates for elimination. Aarav, Snehan and Kaajal ended up receiving the maximum votes and. hence, these three contestants are battling out this week to secure a place in the Bigg Boss house.

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Updated: August 30, 2017 — 6:28 pm

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