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WATCH: Bigg Boss Tamil Episode 64 27th August Live Update, Raiza get eliminate Julie and Harathi re entry into the house Bigg Boss Tamil on Day 63

The ninth week of Bigg Boss Tamil has concluded with the eviction of Raiza, a devil-may-care contestant who was always in high spirits and carried a freewheeling attitude that impressed viewers. She’s also one of the very few contestants who never had any negativity attached to her image among the hyperactive meme-warriors on the web.

Another unexpected instance of the weekend’s episode was the comeback of ex-contestants Sakthi, Bharani, Julie, Harathi, and Gayathri, who genuinely shared their life-after-Bigg Boss experiences with host Kamal Haasan in the studio. Raiza said Snehan and Ganesh are the most competent contestants inside the house right now and Julie was the most deceptive inmate. She also stated that she agreed to participate in the show to earn a name for herself.


On Saturday, Kamal Haasan emphasized that the contestants are not deprived of any privacy in the house. He said that all of them signed contracts which stated that they will be under surveillance at all times. As part of this week’s task, Haasan asked everyone to share their complaints on other contestants without writing their name. Later, he calls Aarav and asks him to kill Kaajal, by which he has to make her hug him or Harish. As Kaajal complaints about Suja to him, Aarav kills her with ease. He later tells Harish how he planned the plot for Kaajal.

Vaiyapuri is asked to enquire Aarav, Suja, Snehan and Harish about the murders. In no time, it is suspected that one among Snehan, Aarav and Harish could be the killer or even all the three of them. All the contestants are later called to the hall and Bigg Boss asks Aarav to name and his companion and to explain how they killed. When Harish is revealed as Aarav’s companion, everybody is shocked. They explain how they killed the others. Both of them are congratulated for completing the task and are told that their gifts will reach them soon.

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Updated: August 28, 2017 — 7:53 am

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