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WATCH: Bigg Boss Tamil Episode 60th 23rd August Live Update, Suja selects Snehan as partner Bigg Boss Tamil on Day 59

Popular reality show Bigg Boss Tamil recently saw a twist in the story post the arrival of new wild card entrants. The show, which has veteran actor Kamal Haasan as its host, welcomed Suja Varunee, Harish Kalyan and Kajal Pashupathy as the new entries.

As expected the new entrants brought in some new twists post their entry in the Bigg Boss house. While Harish went on to become the new captain of the house, Kajal was seen praising Gayathri saying that she was a person who never had unnecessary grudge over anyone. However, it is Suja who come out to be surprise element of the Bigg Boss Tamil as she has been quite similar to former contestant Oviya.


Aarav tells this to all the contestants and selects Bindu, Suja and Kaajal for the task. There are three different colours of washers thrown in the swimming pool. There are three differently coloured boxes kept in the lawn. Bindu is given yellow, Kaajal is given blue and Suja is given red colour. Each contestant should take the washer and put it in their respective boxes. The contestant, who picks the least number of washers, will get into the eviction process. At the end of the task each contestant pick two washers.

Bigg Boss announces the next task of the day. Kaajal is the referee. All the contestants should take their shoes and one of their t-shirts. All the shoes and t-shirts are put in the lawn and mixed. Kaajal blindfolds each contestant. Now, each contestant should find their shoes and t-shirt. Bindu wins the task as she finds her shoes and t-shirt first, as Raiza comes last.


Ganesh, Aarav, Bindu and Vaiyapuri offer help. Kaajal tells them no one should wake her up in the night to help them. She says, if the task had been for Raiza or Aarav, she would offer help, but, not to Suja. Once the lights are turned off inside the house, they start playing. Ganesh and Aarav wake up in the middle and help them. Ganesh makes coffee for Snehan and Aarav feeds them chocolate.

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Updated: August 23, 2017 — 6:02 pm

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