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WATCH: Bigg Boss Tamil Episode 59th 22nd August Live Update, New Task for Luxury Budget Bigg Boss Tamil on Day 58

Vayyapuri says to Snehan that he has a good opinion among people point of view. Bindu too asks her to be calm. Suja, Snehan and Aarav get into an argument and Snehan asks Suja to wait for the clip to know the truth. Kajal says that as a person who have been watching Bigg Boss Tamil from the beginning, she has felt that Gayathri is a person who never had unnecessary grudge over anyone.

The nomination process starts, before which Bigg Boss gives them an insight into the rules. Raiza, Snehan and Vayyapuri are nominated for elimination this week. Later, everyone is given a task of coming up with reasons for why they think they deserve success in the show. All of them express their confidence in emerging as the winner. They are also asked to name a person who they think has the chance to become a star once they leave the house.


Suja gets emotional in the confession room when she was asked to explain about her relationship with her mother and sister. She requests people not to disrespect women who do special songs in films, says it is their profession.

Tamil superstar and Bigg Boss Tamil host Kamal Haasan is now at the centre of a fresh controversy regarding the show. According to a report in The Indian Express, a defamation case has been filed against the actor in a Chennai court alleging that the actor had hurt the sentiments of the Isai Vellalar community in the July 14 episode of the reality show.


The judge has asked for a hearing on September 1 regarding the case. The community’s president K R Kuhesh said that Kamal, the producers and contestants of the show had upset everyone by insulting the musical instrument of the people called Nedaswaram, which is treated like God by the people of that group.

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Updated: August 22, 2017 — 6:03 pm

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