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WATCH: Bigg Boss Tamil Episode 55th 18th August Live Update, Harish Kalyan new entry into the Bigg Boss Tamil on Day 54

Bigg Boss Tamil episode 55 starts with the wake-up song, but everybody is too dull to even dance. Snehan tells Aarav that he’s not able to gel well with the new contestant. To this, he reacts by saying their culture, upbringing is different. Aarav says we should not show any sympathy or affection and not get close with anyone. Later, Snehan is upset with Raiza and he discusses the same with Bindhu.

The new contestant Suja speaks to the camera. She says consider me as your best friend and watch me always. Suja looks like copying Oviya here. Suja then is seen playing statue game with Raiza while the latter is cooking. Later, Snehan tell Vaiyyapuri that he does not like seeing others faces that’s why he had his food late after everyone was finished having. He says all are hypocrites and they also discuss that Aarav not concerned about Oviya anymore.


Bigg Boss assigns task to the inmates. Suja is blindfolded, made to sit in a chair and she had to safeguard keys. Aarav, Snehan and Ganesh won the task by getting hold of the keys of the boxes. 3 winners get their reward. Aarav is saved from this week’s eviction, Snehan gets luxury budget point and Ganesh can save one person from the eviction. Suja gets the punishment. Big Boss asks the winners to push Suja into the pool. She is seen very scared about it. She refuses saying she does not know swimming but later obliges.


There is one more entry into the house and he is actor Harish Kalyan. He enters the house by climbing the wall and getting inside the compound. He gives a task to the girls, he splits them into two and ask them to prepare a quick bite for him. Later, he reveals that he played a prank on them. Harish tells Snehan that he has christened him as doctor since he is always hugging all the contestants always. The girls, especially Raiza want to play a prank on Harish the following day.

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Updated: August 18, 2017 — 5:34 pm

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