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WATCH: Bigg Boss Tamil Episode 51st 14th August Live Update, who will nominate for eviction this week, Bigg Boss on Day 50

It’s been seven weeks since Bigg Boss Tamil went on air. The show had a shaky start but thanks to stiff opposition from fringe groups, controversies and Oviya, it slowly gained popularity and its TRP ratings shattered through the roof, becoming the most watched show on television currently. After Oviya’s unfortunate exit and Julie’s eviction last week, the two most popular members of the house, the show lost excitement.

Oviya’s exit can be felt as the show has lost its momentum and craze among fans online. It needs to be seen in the following weeks what will be done as there are rumours that Oviya will brought back into the house as a wildcard entry. Some claim it was a deliberate move to send her out and bring back to win over audiences once again.


Vaiyapuri reveals about a song that Snehan has written about Bigg Boss show. Snehan sings the song on Kamal Haasan’s request. At the end of it, Kamal corrects Snehan on who wrote ‘Tamil Thaivazhthu’. During her turn, Raiza says that she would feel bad if Snehan get eliminated, but also goes on to say that if Shakthi goes, it would be tough for Gayathri and all her stress would be passed on to the other contestants in the house. This comment doesn’t go well with Gayathri who seems to be upset with Raiza for this the whole day.


Shakthi also talks about Gayathri and her anger and how she should try to control it. He also talks about wanting move out his father’s shadow and also get recognition on his own. Shakthi also gives his version of why the housemates didn’t stop Bharani when he was trying to jump out of Bigg Boss house. Shakthi later plays a game with Kamal Haasan where he gives film titles to each person in Bigg Boss Tamil house and also gives them rating stars.

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Updated: August 14, 2017 — 5:48 pm

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