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WATCH: Bigg Boss Tamil Episode 47 10th August Live Update, Ganesh become mundane for 3 episodes Bigg Boss on Day 46

The seventh week in the Bigg Boss Tamil house. With Oviya’s unfortunate exit and Julie’s eviction last week, the happenings in the house with eight contestants (Shakthi, Gayathri, Ganesh Venkatraman, Bindu Madhavi, Raiza, Aarav, Vaiyapuri), so far, lack excitement and have become mundane over the past three episodes. Understandably, the social media traction has also gradually slowed down, with meme-makers sparing no effort to extract the best jokes at the expense of those contestants currently in the house.

Day 45 on Bigg Boss Tamil begins with housemates advising Ganesh. Vaiyapuri is upset that Ganesh’s unwashed clothes are strewn across the room and hence, there is mosquito menace in the room. He advises Ganesh that he has been really selfish when it came to food and that he never asks any of the roommates if they have had their share. For instance, if chicken curry is served, Ganesh always asks if he can have a piece and no one can deny such a request.


Raiza doesn’t seem to mind the work, Vaiyapuri is upset that after all the hardship he underwent in his life, he feels like he is back to square one, thanks to the luxury budget task. He also feels sad that all housemates, who have come from privileged backgrounds, have to go through the drill. Sakthi, in the meantime, requests Bigg Boss to cancel the luxury task as Vaiyapuri is unable to cope up with the hard work. Arav and Snehan, on the other hand, work on the task, cracking jokes.

Housemates have to narrate ghostly tales to the rest of the housemates. By the ti me, they finish the task, its 11 pm in the night and housemates have their dinner. Snehan, Arav and Sakthi decide to scare Raiza and they get inside the women’s room. A frightened Bindu yells at the boys and they leave the room laughing.

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Updated: August 10, 2017 — 4:50 pm

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