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WATCH: Bigg Boss Tamil Episode 46 9th August Live Update, Vaiyapuri gets irritated Bigg Boss on Day 45

Vaiyapuri talks to the camera addressing to his wife and children. He says he knows to do all the household chores with which he can help her. He feels his anger has come down too, so he asks his wife not to worry as he will come back as a new and great husband. Bindu starts washing the vessels after breakfast as Snehan, Aarav and Vaiyapuri talk about Ganesh being lazy.

Snehan tells Bindu to talk to Ganesh and schedule the cleaning, so she doesn’t end up cleaning vessels all the time, which she admits to. Aarav and Vaiyapuri feel he doesn’t care about anything in the house other than himself. They are a little annoyed with his behaviour.


Bigg Boss announces the task of the day, Bigg Boss Tamil house turns into Bigg Boss washing area. Housemates are divided into two teams with four people in one team. Snehan, Raiza, Bindu and Aarav are in team A, while Gayathri, Sakthi, Vaiyapuri and Ganesh are in team B. They are asked to fill the luxury budget list team wise and place it in the confession room. Bigg Boss says completion of every day task will give them 450 points while the overall point a team can get is 1800 over the period of days.

Only one team will win the task and the winning team will only get their luxury budget which they will not share it with the losing team. During the course of the task, each team should cook for themselves and shouldn’t share food with the other team. The washing task involves, washing differently stained clothes properly, buttoning the shirts, ironing the clothes and packing them in a cover. Each team has a quality controller, who checks the cloth quality of the opposite team. Bindu and Sakthi are made as quality controllers.


Oviya had a dramatic exit from the Kamal Haasan hosted reality programme. The actress reportedly jumped in the swimming pool closing her nose. She was rescued by her fellow contestants after which Bigg Boss took the decision to send her out of the house. The lady has stated that it was difficult for her to control her feelings for her co-contestant Aarav. The latter on the other hand has always made it clear that nothing was serious between the two.

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Updated: August 9, 2017 — 4:52 pm

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