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WATCH: Bigg Boss Tamil Episode 45 8th August Live Update, everyone gets nominate except Raiza Bigg Bos

Raiza and Snehan discuss the changes happened in Oviya during last few days. Meanwhile, Gayathri reasons why she behaved rude to Oviya to Shakti and Aarav. Later, Vayyapuri imitates everybody in the house. Raiza, Bindu and Gayathri enjoy the show whole-heartedly. The nomination process for this week in Bigg Boss Tamil starts. Bigg Boss asks a few contestants to change the reasons they came up with for nominating others as he wasn’t pleased with those.

Raiza and Snehan talk about their issues. Gayathri says she wants to leave the house because she doesn’t want to be known as an abusive person. She says she had enough and that her mom is the only person who has the right to correct her. Gayathri adds that she doesn’t want to prove anyone about her innocence. Snehan feels that she should have changed a bit after Kamal asked her to change.


Gayathri asks apology to all for being a little emotional. Snehan consoles her saying that Kamal will take care of all and asks her to be cool. Everyone starts asking Gayathri to be calm as she starts crying. Snehan, Ganesh and Shakti are being appreciated by Bigg Boss for carrying out the tasks given to them successfully. They are all given a surprise, too, by Bigg Boss.


During chit chatting with Kamal Haasan, Aarav admitted that he kissed Oviya on the show and the host asked him to reveal this thing to the housemates so that she didn’t get all the blame.

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Updated: August 9, 2017 — 5:01 am

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