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WATCH: Bigg Boss Tamil Episode 44 7th August Live Update, on Day 43 luxury budget task, 7th week elimination nomination

The day begins with the housemates making fun of Julie’s behaviour and what she is being doing thinking she might be evicted. Vaiyapuri imitates a few of the contestants and everyone seems to be enjoying it. He seemed to be on a roll imitating Julie being saved last week.

Kamal Haasan continues interrogation with each housemates separately. He starts off with Snehan and he accepted that the girls in the house cornered Oviya to an extent when Kamal Haasan enquired. He also went to say that Oviya’s behaviour changed a lot after Arav began distancing himself with her. He also shared what Oviya had conveyed to him and he also broke down into tears talking about her honesty.


The elimination time approached. Out of the nominated contestants, Julie got evicted this week. She bid an emotional farewell to her fellow contestants and left the house. Then, Haasan speaks to Julie regarding her experience in the house and her relationship with each of the contestants. A short video of her stay is shown and Haasan winds up the episode requesting the viewers to forgive Julie for her mistakes and let her lead a happy life as a good human being.

Raiza feels guilty about the way she treated Oviya. She tells Snehan that the housemates had probably painted a bad image of Bharani and Oviya. She regrets arguing with Oviya. Snehan and Gayathri console her. Outside the house, Kamal Haasan welcomes Oviya and the latter is received with a huge applause. When Kamal Haasan asks her to share her feelings about the housemates, she says ‘I love you, Aarav.” Though she said she was thankful for the public’s opinion on Aarav, she said the decision was hers. She leaves the show with a thunderous

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Updated: August 7, 2017 — 5:50 pm

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