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WATCH: Bigg Boss Tamil Episode 41 4th August Live Update, Oviya Aarav relationship sours; viewers criticise Bigg Boss

The Bigg Boss Tamil Episode 41 starts with Snehan, Shakthi and Aarav discussing Oviya not doing any work in the house. Meanwhile, Oviya is seen lying down in the garden area. Bigg Boss announcement says none of the house mates is allowed to sleep outside. But Oviya says no to Big Boss and that she wants to lie down there. Snehan tries to tell her but in vain. Later a letter comes from Big Boss saying that one of the housemates should persuade Oviya and bring her inside the house.

The sixth week of Bigg Boss Tamil kicked off with ten players in the house, including the newly-arrived damsel Bindhu Madhavi. While everyone was keenly waiting to see Bindhu Madhavi’s equation with the contestants, her off-screen personality, and other behavioral traits, Oviya inadvertently stole the limelight with her partly cranky and somewhat eccentric demeanor, which left viewers, especially a section of the staunchly loyal Oviya Army, confounded.


Bigg Boss assigns task to the contestants. Julie is made the anchor of a TV show. Three teams are made. The first team, a Food Court and the members of the team make kheer and they present it as if in a cookery show. Snehan is the team leader. The second team performs the show in an Aadhar Office where film stars Rajinikanth, Amitabh Bachchan, and Ajith comes to take Aadhar card. Vaiyapuri performs the task including lots of comic scenes in it. The third team is a fitness centre.

Ganesh acts as the coach who teaches the lady contestants some exercises. Oviya refuses to participate in the task. While Big Boss offers a grand dinner as the reward for the task. Some songs are played and all the contestants enjoy the party except Oviya. Oviya is seen irritating Aarav with questions like ‘Why are you dull, You need a hug, You are a good actor’ etc. She walks behind Aarav with a spoon of kheer trying to feed him. She even tries to kiss him and the irritated Aarav keeps his cool and walks away.

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Updated: August 4, 2017 — 4:51 pm

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