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WATCH: Bigg Boss Tamil Episode 34 28th July Live Updae, Oviya Aarav Assistant, Gayathri Junior Bigg Boss

In Episode 34 of Bigg Boss Tamil, the day started with a sassy belly dance performance of Gayathri and Oviya on the tunes of Mayya Mayaa in the lobby. Later, Vayyapuri tells Aarav that Julie has started feeling that Oviya is nice and wanted to say sorry to her. Even Oviya feels that Julie is fun and entertaining.

In the previous episode, the house mates were given a task of taking selfieS with VIVO V5S camera phone. Now, they had to explain a brief story of the picture in at least 2 lines. All the house mates performed the task well. Vayyapuri explains his story in a humorous way and all the inmates have a good laugh. Shakthi wins the task and is gifted a photo frame with a collage of his old pictures.


Bigg Boss punishes the team for breaking the rules and reduces their luxury budget points. He selects Aarav and Gayathri as the Chinna Bigg Bosses of the house and gives five powers. Each housemate tells the story behind their selfies and Sakthi emerges the winner. Vaiyapuri’s story is the most hilarious one and he mentions that before he could propose to Oviya, Aarav has taken her.

Snehan comes up with a poem on Oviya, mentioning her attributes. Julie and Raiza discuss on who will be eliminated in the coming week. A continuous barking of a dog alerts the housemates. By 1 pm, Bigg Boss makes an announcement saying that he is upset that some of the members are not concerned about the luxury task points and warns them of consequences. He wants to cut the points from the luxury budget and wants the team to come up with a number.


The next announcement of Bigg Boss comes and the two bosses are asked to select a person. The selected person has to sit outside the house on the sofa till the light goes off in the night. Gayathri and Aarav select Julie. As the next power the small bosses can select 2 people; out of which one can be saved from eviction and the other is to be nominated. The bosses decide to save Snehan and nominate Vayyapuri.

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Updated: July 28, 2017 — 5:20 pm

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