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WATCH: Bigg Boss Tamil Aarav fight with Oviya, also Gayathri Raghuram using the worng word

After getting attracted to each other in the initial days of Bigg Boss Tamil, the relationship between Aarav and Oviya has soured. In the latest promotional video, the actor is seen expressing his anguish over the actress for failing to do her duties properly in the house.

Oviya is in the cooking department this week and her lack of involvement has apparently irked Aarav. In the latest promo, he is expressing his displeasure with Juliana and Sakthi about her. He is seen telling a contestant that the Kalavani girl does not join her hands with anyone in cooking-related works and always stays in the room.


Aarav and Oviya shared good rapport during the initial days of Bigg Boss Tamil. Apparently, they had a special feeling towards each other. But at some point of time, they decided to take different routes. Julie’s issues with the inmates have continued as the contestants are targeting one after the other. Now, Namitha is seen putting out her unhappiness over her. Harathi, Gayathri and Raiza were also part of the conversation.

Bigg Boss Tamil contestant Gayathri Raghuram is facing the wrath of TYSF – Tamil Youth and Students Federation for using the word Cheri Behaviour for Kalavani girl Oviya on the show. TYSF has lodged a complaint with the Police Commissioner of Chennai against Gayathri Raghuram under the Protection of Civil Rights Act for demeaning the slum-dwellers and chiding Oviya on the Tamil television reality show.

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Updated: July 14, 2017 — 3:56 pm

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