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WATCH Bigg Boss Tamil 8th September Episode 75 LIVE Update: Snehan meet his 94 old father after 18 years Bigg Boss Tamil Day 74

Snehan is upset that he hurt Ganesh in a task in Bigg Boss Tamil. Everyone consoles Snehan including Ganesh. Soon, Snehan’s father visits the house and everyone in the house is in tears. It’s an emotionally moving moment in the house and Snehan’s father consoles Snehan and asks him not to cry. He is asking whether he wants to come home. He also says he wants his son to get married.

Vaiyapuri consoles the old man saying that everything will be alright. Snehan‘s father makes him drink some water and everyone is moved with his gesture. He says he has six children and all of them are doing well. Snehan says that his father is illiterate, but is a very confident man with loads of affection. He recalls his childhood, when he along with his siblings used to wait for him to come home with snacks. He says that his dad has never visited him in Chennai in the last 20 years.


Bigg Boss gives them a task titled, Thoduda parkalam. The team has to split in to two teams and one member from a team has to wear a cardboard box, leaving the head open. A member from the opposite team has to apply colour powder on the face of the one who is wearing the cardboard box, while the team members will try to protect him. Sakthi is appointed the umpire and Ganesh, spectator. The team members play very well and Bigg Boss congratulates them, especially Julie, Bindu, Vaiyapurai and Aarav.

Bigg Boss gives Ganesh a pleasant surprise by sending Nisha to the house. Nisha says that it’s going to be tough for her to leave Ganesh and go back. Ganesh says he doesn’t even have a photo of Nisha. They dance to the tunes a famous romantic number much to the delight of everyone.

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Updated: September 9, 2017 — 6:06 am

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