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WATCH Bigg Boss Tamil 5th September Episode 73 LIVE Update: Suja & Gayathri Freeze & Release Task Bigg Boss Tamil Day 72

Actor (Trigger) Shakthi is back to the Bigg Boss Tamil House for a week as a guest like Julie (Juliana) and Aarthi (Harathi). Every episode of the show Bigg Boss Tamil is giving something new to offer. The nomination process was unique in its own sense where the housemates had to apply colour powder on the face of the person they wanted to nominate. Viewers eagerly wait for the weekend episode in order to know who will be evicted this week from the show.

Bigg Boss announces the task of the day, Freeze and Release is the task. Whenever Bigg Boss says freeze, all the housemates should freeze and if he mentions the name of a housemate, he/she alone should freeze. This is their luxury budget task, if the task is not done properly, the housemates will be punished. If Bigg Boss says rewind the task has to be done again. Bigg Boss also says the upcoming tasks are going to be difficult and asks the housemates to be prepared for that. Sakthi is in-charge of the task, he has to do the task and observe other housemates’ activities.


Freeze and release task gets upgraded. Everybody will be asked to freeze and one will get released. The person who gets released should go pick up a chit from the bowl and act according to that. All are asked to freeze, Aarthi gets released. The chit asks her to drop a full cover of flour on someone’s head. She goes near everyone and threatens to drop the flour. Eventually she drops it on Julie’s head and throws some on her face. Julie is unhappy about that because she is worried if her lens will get spoiled. Ganesh helps her to take the lens out of her eyes.


Towards the end of the day, Suja asks Snehan what Gayathri said about her, when she came inside the house. Snehan after hesitating initially tells that Gayathri said Suja will divide the house, create problems and that her character is bad. But, still doesn’t tell the exact word that Gayathri said. He says he won’t use the word.

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Updated: September 6, 2017 — 10:47 am

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