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WATCH Bigg Boss Tamil 31st August Episode 68 Live Update: Madurai Team win the task and take charge Bigg Boss Tamil Day 67

Bigg Boss Tamil begins with Aarav and Harathi discussing about Oviya. Harathi asks Aarav if he still felt the same away about Oviya. She asks if Aarav’s parents were ready to accept Oviya, will he be ready to marry her. She also asks Aarav what his reaction would be if she proposed to him as soon as he got out of the house. Aarav refuses to give a clear answer and says that he can’t comment on a situation he would face in future.

Harathi then asks Julie if she was interested in Aarav. Julie says she never said she loved Aarav. She said that she only liked his eyes because they looked like her father’s, who also had brown eyes. When Harathi says that an infatuation is normal, Julie clarifies that she called Aarav ‘Anna’ and that she was not interested in him. The conversation leads to minor altercation between the two and Julie is upset.


Bigg Boss switches roles and makes Madurai team in charge of the house. The same rules apply. However, there are two new rules – provide water in a sombu whenever someone from Madurai team felt thirsty and feed them groundnuts when hungry. Vaiyapuri asks everyone to speak only in Tamil. He asks Bindu Madhavi to make a vethalai paaku for him and sing a Madurai song. When Madurai team decides to assign tough tasks to the NRI team, Kaajal gets offended.


Harathi asks Suja to hug someone in the house whom she didn’t like and asks her to tell the reason why she did so? Suja hugs Julie and says that she doesn’t know her well in person, but that she didn’t like the Julie she saw on screen before she entered the house. Harathi is a mazed at how the old housemates have changed in the last few weeks. She is particularly surprised at Snehan’s behavior and says that he has changed and has become quiet. Later Bigg Boss asks them to play a new game called 7 Stones with Vaiyapuri and Harathi as judges.

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Updated: August 31, 2017 — 5:56 pm

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