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WATCH Bigg Boss Tamil 26th Sep Episode 95 LIVE Update Day 94: Oviya confirms her return on Bigg Boss Tamil

Bindu and Aarav discuss about Suja’s eviction – the way she behaved, what went wrong with her and why trying to create sympathy won’t work among viewers. The contestants realise that they have only six days to finish their target of 100 days in Bigg Boss Tamil and start imagining how things would be after leaving the house.

Anjali has been invited into confession room by Bigg Boss, where she is asked about the opinion of the show and contestants. Later, all the contestants started performing one by one, after which she is asked by Bigg Boss about the person who performed the best. She chooses Harish for his impeccable singing. She asks everyone about their feelings and how they are going to lead their lives after this last week. All of them share their plans and ideas.


Bigg Boss Tamil is inching towards is finale now and the show has given the audience some amazing moments in its journey so far. And while the reality show has unveiled the real self of all the celebrities, it was Tamil actress Oviya that won the hearts and went on to become the most popular contestant of the show. While her sudden exit left the audience disappointed, Oviya is finally making her way back on Kamal Haasan’s show.

Anjali is the moderator for the task. Snehan wins the task as he succeeds others in performing it as per the instructions. After some time, all of them are assigned a game. As the grand finale gets closer, tasks, too, start getting tougher. An array of paper cups are placed horizontally and vertically on floor and each one of them has to cross the other end without stamping on them with their eyes closed.

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Updated: September 26, 2017 — 5:29 pm

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