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WATCH: Bigg Boss Tamil 26th July Episode 32 Update: Oviya tries to talk with Julie

The day starts off with Aarav talking to Vaiyapuri about Gayathri and Sakthi avoiding talking to the former properly for supporting Oviya in the Julie-Oviya issue. Aarav feels that the housemates only believe people who do drama and lie, but not the ones who are genuine. Vaiyapuri tells Aarav that Julie might get evicted this week as she is in the eviction list alongside Oviya and Aarav.

The Oviya-Julie issue is the talk of the tinseltown inside the Bigg Boss Tamil house. Shakthi, Snehan, Gayathri were seen discussing about Oviya-Julie issue. These three are now against Aarav as they believe Aarav was present in the scene while the talk between Oviya and Julie happened. According to Snehan, Aarav is a now different person inside the house. Snehan thinks that Aarav’s real character will be revealed soon.


As the Bigg Boss mentioned that this task will test the patience and adjustment factor of housemates, Snehan feels a problem might arise before the task ends. When the housemates sit down and have a discussion about the task Vaiyapuri is furious about the task. Snehan and Vaiyapuri talk about Julie making a fool of all the housemates by lying to them. Snehan says he doesn’t understand how Julie is able to be happy with no guilt after lying to them.


Vaiyapuri feels that people who were thought of as troublemakers are good people and people who were thought of as good people are otherwise. Aarav and Oviya talk about the problem in the house. Aarav asks Oviya to ignore people who hate her and not to go for a truce with them, which the latter insists on.

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Updated: July 26, 2017 — 10:14 am

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