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WATCH Bigg Boss Tamil 22nd September Episode 89 LIVE Update: Eduthittu Odu task Bigg Boss Tamil Day 88

In an attempt to enter the red room and unlock the locker, Harish and Arav wake up during the night. However, their attempt fails when they see Snehan and Ganesh sleeping on the floor preventing the devils to enter. Arav and Harish then decide to tease Suja, in the presence of Ganesh and Snehan. When Suja requests Arav to stop teasing her as she wants to draw a kolam and dedicate it to her fiance, Arav doesn’t allow her to do so. Suja tries to sit on his lap.

Bigg Boss gives them another task where in they have to reverse the roles- those who are playing as demons should become angels and vice versa. The housemates are upset that Suja has gone inside the sleeping room and is staying there itself. The other housemates take out the key and refuse to hang it on the assigned place. Suja says that women need to be given respect and she is upset. she says she is okay to do things as part of tasks but not happy the way the housemates are treating her, without respect.


Bigg Boss introduces a new game to the team wherein the housemates need to play in two teams. The housemates need to play a game of bowling ball, and then blindfold a member of the team and see to that he pins the tail on the elephant. Bindu pins the tail perfectly and her team consisting of Snehan and Arav emerge victoriously and bag a trophy. After successfully winning the devils vs. angles task Bigg Boss awards Ganesh, Suja and Snehan 20 points and bonus 5 points for being patient throughout the task.


The next task is Eduthittu odu. Harish and Suja get exemption from the game since they have hurt their legs. In the task, Ganesh runs in the wrong direction and his opponent team gets the points. Suja, Aarav and Harish lose the game and had to tie their legs together, till they get an announcement from Bigg Boss.

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Updated: September 22, 2017 — 5:34 pm

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