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WATCH Bigg Boss Tamil 1st Sep Episode Live Update: Bindu & Harish get married Bigg Boss Tamil Day 68

There is an alliance discussion happening between the NRI family and Madurai familyin Bigg Boss Tamil. The Madurai family is planning to get Harish and Bindu married. Vaiyapuri is telling the housemates about the rituals that are held in Madurai in connection with marriages. Aarthi says that since they are from an NRI family, both the bride and groom need to be treated equally. Finally after some confusion, Vaiyapuri and the Madurai family conduct a mock marriage of Harish and Bindu.

Now Aaarv says that he wants to cut off his relationship with the family. After all the commotion, the housemates tell Bigg Boss that they are planning to get Harish and Bindu married and the couple take the blessing of the Bigg Boss by prostrating before the confession room. There are some heated discussion between Harish, Arathi and Kajal about the division of work in the house. Vaiyapuri is telling Ganesh the benefits of brushing teeth using curry leaves stick as Ganesh is from the NRI family.


Suja who belongs to the Madurai family wants Aarav to take her out by holding umbrella to her but Aarav doesn’t oblige. So Julie punishes him by asking him to walk around the swimming pool holding the umbrella and ringing a bell continuously. Snehan talks about adolescent love. He says that there is no love that has won in the world. He states some statistics about the divorce cases in the court and says that most of the divorce cases are happening between couple who had love marriage.


As part of the luxury budget task, Aarav and Harish have been given a task. Suja and Bindu have to wear half of the jewellery and the rest of the jewellery will be thrown in to the swimming pool. When the buzzer rings, Aarav and Harish have to dive into the pool and take the correct one, match it with the jewellery and make Suja and Bindu wear it, respectively.

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Updated: September 1, 2017 — 4:48 pm

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