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WATCH Bigg Boss Tamil 19th September Episode 86 LIVE Update: Suja, Snehan & Harish won ballon task Bigg Boss Tamil Day 85

Suja consoles Harish while Ganesh, Bindu and Snehan join her. Harish feels that staying at the house may affect him in a negative way. He fears mental pressure and shares about it to others. Suja asks Snehan why the Bigg Boss house has become silent all of a sudden after Vayyapuri’s eviction. The contestants recollects about how Vayyapuri was prepared to leave the house and how he missed his family all these days.

Two members were told to stick air filled balloon on a wooden board, while others would see that their attempts will fail. Snehan, Harish and Suja were put into one team and Ganesh Venkatraman, Aarav and Bindu were in the other team. It has to be noted that the two teams were not playing against each other. Snehan was asked to prevent Suja and Harish from sticking the balloons. On the other side, Aarav and Bindhu teamed up while Ganesh tried to stop them from completing their task.


After completing the task, they showed no interest to patch up. Snehan and Suja’s relationship has not been in good terms for some time now. Especially after the recent car task, they are at loggerheads. Meanwhile, fans have slammed Suja for creating an unnecessary ruckus. She accused Snehan of throwing away Harish’s mic during the course of the task and this has left many upset. Nonetheless, she is also enjoying a decent support from the people who did not like Snehan.


Bigg Boss announces that Suja, Snehan and Harish played well. They are given 10 points in total as a reward and ask them to divide among each of them. The three of them discuss and decide to give Ganesh four points and three points each to Suja and Harish. After having a chat on the house premises, the contestants are surprised to find a phone inside the living room once they went in. They can’t wait to know the reason behind its purpose there.

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Updated: September 19, 2017 — 5:52 pm

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