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WATCH Bigg Boss Tamil 15th September Episode 82 LIVE Update: Kattungal Ungal Kai Vannathe task episode Bigg Boss house Day 81

Bigg Boss asks housemates to form pairs, tie each other and free themselves from a complicated knot, as part of the ticket to finale task. Snehan complains that there’s so much partiality in the show and he has lost his interest in staying in the show. The housemates are given a task where they have to remove one person from the team and form three teams, with two people each in a team. This task will give them bonus points. After discussions, the housemates decide to omit Vaiyapuri from the task.

Bigg Boss gives a daily task. Titled Kattungal Ungal Kai Vannathe, the task has Vaiyapuri as the mediator. The housemates are divided into two. There’s a paint coin with the mediator. After a toss, teams are asked to go to the activity area. They have kept buckets and team mates have to create items that are useful on a daily basis. Suja, Snehan and Ganesh are part of the Nippon team while Harish, Aarav and Bindu are part of the Blobby team.


There are seen Solakattu Bommais kept in the activity area and each bommai has given 2000 points. The housemates after taking the coins should pin their choice of coins with particular value to each bommai and for doing that they should have solid reason too. Four rounds of the same thing had to be done and the team finishes the task by midnight.

Oviya, who enjoyed an unprecedented love and support of millions of viewers of Bigg Boss Tamil, quit the show halfway much to the disappointment of her fans. She suffered emotional stress due to her failed romantic endeavour with her fellow contestant Aarav, paving the way for her dramatic exit from the show.

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Updated: September 16, 2017 — 6:06 am

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