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WATCH Bigg Boss Tamil 14th September Episode 81 LIVE Update: today task in the Bigg Boss house Day 80

Snehan and Suja continue with the car game on Day 81 on Bigg Boss Tamil. Despite Bigg Boss asking them to take a call on who would be the one to drop out of the game, both Snehan and Suja refuse to budge. Both say that it’s essential that they get closer to the winning points. While Suja says that she has never tasted success in her life and this is the opportunity, Snehan says that since he is in the elimination list this week, it’s essential that he wins.

Bigg Boss informs Ganesh that the housemates can serve them tea, coffee or food. Later, he asks housemates to convince one of them to get out of the car. Housemates zero in on Suja and say that it’s essential that Snehan wins the game as he has been struggling from day. They also feel that Suja won’t be able to cope up for a long time. Housemates try to convince Suja but, she refuses to get out of the car. They both continue to sit there.


Meanwhile, Bigg Boss released Suja Varunee from the secret room she was confined to for the past 24 hours. As Suja entered the house, inmates welcomed her with shock and surprise since they all thought she was eliminated from the show last week. Contestants are asked by the Bigg Boss to choose this week’s nominees for eviction after Suja re-entered the house from the secret room. The inmates nominated Harish Kalyan, Vaiyapuri, Aarav, and Snehan for this week’s eviction process.


Bigg Boss asks housemates to not wash any vessels. He asks the housemates to stitch bed sheets, including those in the car. Everybody gets on to the task. Suja and Snehan also start stitching bed sheets inside the car. When Snehan asks Suja for help, she asks why he isn’t asking others. Snehan says that Suja is the only one sitting next to him and that’s why he is asking her. Later, Bigg Boss asks Harish to check on the quality of bed sheet that Bindu stitched. A small part of the bed sheet is jutting out of the bed and Harish asks Bindu to correct it. Ganesh checks Arav’s bed sheet…Housemates clear the bed sheets of all.

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Updated: September 14, 2017 — 5:56 pm

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