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WATCH Bahubali 2 Pre Release Event Live MAA TV, TV9, NTV: 360° with 4K Resolution

Rajamouli knows how to use technology for enhancing the feel of not only his movies but also for the promotional events. The most important event of Baahubali 2, the pre-release event will be held on 26th March in Ramoji Film City. This event is going to be the biggest VR 360 event we have ever heard.

Till date, the biggest VR 360 event was Donald Trump’s inaugural address. It might not be apt to compare Baahubali 2 event with Trump’s Inaugural event. But, when it comes to film events, it is certainly the first experiment in India. What’s this VR 360? It’s Virtual Reality 360 degrees which gives the audiences an experience of watching the event live at the venue


Audiences need just a smartphone and a VR headgear to experience it. There is one more specialty. Mostly, these VR 360 degrees events are recorded to give that experience. For Baahubali 2, the live event is going to give us that real experience. This is sensational indeed! We know, huge crowds are going to come for this event.

A company, AMD is going to look after this VR 360 prospect and it’s going to set up 50 VR booths at theaters. That means, viewers can experience short duration of video clips in VR. This VR experience will come with 4K resolution to give best experience to the viewers says Rajamouli. Well, we started looking forward to the event not only for the VR 360 effect but mainly for the way Rajamouli has planned to woo us.

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Updated: March 26, 2017 — 5:03 am

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