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Tujha Tu Majha Mi (TTMM) 1st Day Collection: Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur Box Office Response

TTMM Tujha Tu Majha Mi shows the real picture of today’s young generation, the dilemma between freedom and marriage. Though it is a regular story of boy meets girl; their dilemma of TTMM, to marry or not to marry plays an important role in shaping the core of the film. People are coming out to watch this movie in very good numbers. This movie is getting very good response from the Marathi people.

Jay (Lalit Prabhakar) and Rajashri (Neha Mahajan) are 2 headstrong boy & girl, who want to live their life on their own terms. Their parents want them to marry and settle down in life, but they want to enjoy life. Jay wants to explore the world and visit different places. He enjoys the company of nature and feels that marriage will somehow curtail his passions. On the other hand, Rajashri is not against marriage, but want a suitable partner who will fulfill her dreams.


Story of TTMM is very believable and relatable. It’s non-linear treatment of screenplay make the audience curious about the happenings. The film has it’s flaws too as in the second half it gets a tad slow. But it again picks up the pace and last 20-25 mins gives you satisfactory answers. Lalit and Neha have shown good maturity in the intense and emotional scenes.

It is interesting to see the Marathi industry increasingly making romantic dramas and trying to move away from its image of being a socially relevant film making industry. Also, each of these films has had a USP; TTMM’s is its carefree attitude and emotional touch. While the older generation’s expectations and treatment of marriage remains typical, the younger generation’s struggle to move away from the traditional setup to a more liberal approach is brought forth through this film.

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Updated: June 17, 2017 — 2:35 am

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