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Taramani 2nd / Second Day Collection: grosses to be crossed 2.85 Crore on first two days

Taramani that can make you shed tears of sadness and tears of joy would be considered as the biggest reward a common filmmaker can dream. Ram is one director who is capable of producing a movie as such. He is someone who talks about unpressed human feelings. Here he comes up with another emotional script and this time he has chosen to show an urban love story filled with harsh reality.

The script demands a lot from its star here, and Andrea delivers just what was expected. The politeness that the actors exhibit towards the audience through their performances truly saves the latter from emotional leakage. Andrea owns this film, and likewise, Vasanth Ravi makes a solid debut; a beginning that he could be proud of. The small kid who plays Andrea’s son deserves a special mention, so does Azhagam Perumal for a heartwarming performance.


Ram gives a voiceover to move the story forward and tries to give context – but either ways, it appears overdone. Yet, there are themes that one hopes that this film, which tackles modern relationships in a liberal-capitalist set up, represented in a much more holistic manner. For instance, there’s a typical creepy male boss who harasses Andrea… as if to suggest that women being forced against their will for favours is not down to individual male behaviour but a basic constituent of transactional corporate lifestyle.

The narrative follows Althiya (Andrea Jeremiah) and Prabhunath (Vasanth Ravi) – one a successful HR professional and other a wailing youth wasting away his life because his girlfriend dumped him. Through their courtship, the film unapologetically tries to connect killing of Tamil fishermen, nationalism associated with cricket, unbridled urbanisation, police brutality, demonetisation and so on.

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Updated: August 12, 2017 — 5:38 pm

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