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Sathya 1st Day Collection: Jayaram’s Film take a good start at Kerala Box Office

Sathya is a daredevil of sorts, who is also an expert rummy player. He found Rosy in a dance bar, and is on the way to Goa with her while the baddies chase them. Jayaram-starrer Sathya is a big bluff of a movie with a barely engaging plot line, hideous songs, laughable lines and a romantic track that’s just plain icky.

Jumping jerkily from one set of characters to the other trying to take forward a rickety tale, the film appears too long and boring though it’s barely 1 hour and 57 minutes. Sathya (Jayaram) is on the lookout for dancer Rosy (Roma), who works in a bar. Paying a handsome price, he grabs Rosy to take her away to Goa. However, their way ahead isn’t easy as there are others too on the lookout for the girl.


The first half of the film has Jayaram as rummy player Satya, Roma as dancer Rosy, Parvathy Nambiar as a daring Milan. If you were wondering to find out what actually is mass cool, you would be at your wit’s end trying to find out what it implies. Sathya is this man who is an expert in playing cards. A peculiar circumstance makes him go to a south Indian place in search of a girl named Rosy.

The movie is basically about his journey with Rosy to Pondicherry and it also shows us why this quest and journey happened. Sathya from Diphan is a movie that failed to adapt to the changes in treatment. It also fails in having a content that will excite you for its uniqueness or approach. The movie is just under 2 hours in terms of run time, but still it feels much more than that.

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Updated: April 20, 2017 — 4:28 pm

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