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Saravanan Irukka Bayamaen (SIB) 1st Day Collection: Ezhil’s film failed to impress the audience

Director Ezhil, so good in Velainu Vandhutta Velaikkaran, fails badly with Saravanan Irukka Bayamaen. Despite having a battalion of comedians at his disposal, the jokes in his film just don’t work. Ezhil is known for churning out rib-tickling entertainers and even though most of his films don’t really have a story to rave about, the overall entertainment factor has worked in his favour every single time.

There’s no dearth of comedy in SIB, with almost every comedian given an opportunity to shine, but still the film falls flat on its face because the jokes just don’t work. Soori, for instance, has been in a terrific form for the longest time but he has reached a stage in his career where he badly needs to reinvent, at least with the way he delivers his dialogues.


The same applies to Robo Shankar, another promising comedian, who hasn’t got his due yet and so far has mostly been wasted in silly roles. You can go on a rant about every decent comedian and their underwhelming portrayal in the movie. Udhay, who proved he can do more than just piggybacking on a star comedian with Manithan (Tamil remake of Jolly LLB), hardly gets to showcase his talent in SIB, and it leaves one wondering what even convinced him to accept the project in the first place.

Like the hero of most Tamil films, he is unemployed and is accompanied by a gang of friends who help him woo the girl of his dreams. Then, there’s Regina Cassandra, the actor with beauty and talent but never gets to prove her mettle. In a role where she is mostly seen furious (because she has been at loggerheads with Saravanan from childhood) and sharing her bed with her teenager brother, one can gladly ignore that she is part of the film.

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Updated: May 13, 2017 — 3:27 am

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