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Power Paandi Live Review, Rating Story & Audience Response: Dhanush directorial debut wins hearts

Dhanush does well with his directorial debut instead of going big, he picks on a small subject and gives us a slice-of-life drama of a senior citizen played aptly by Raj Kiran. But it is Revathy who wins in an extended cameo role.

Power Paandi is simplistic filmmaking at its best. A heartwarming story about self-exploration, it’s neatly woven around the life of a 64-year-old protagonist, played fittingly by Raj Kiran, and it deals with human emotions in the most appropriate manner, if not effectively. By striking all the right chords, though slightly melodramatic at times, the film does work quite well.


Dhanush, in his directorial debut, plays his cards very smartly. Instead of going big in an effort to produce a bang, he goes small with a slice-of-drama of a senior citizen. It’s gutsy of a star of his stature to make a film with an older protagonist and he not only shines in this endeavor but also wins hearts and how.

While Power Paandi is nothing groundbreaking in terms of storytelling, it has its heart at the right place and that’s more than enough to appeal to all sections of the audience. The fact that it makes us root for an older protagonist, without trying too hard, is a good enough reason to bet your money on the film.

Raj Kiran plays the titular role with ease but it is Revathy, in her extended cameo, who sweeps us off our feet. In fact, the film picks up steam post her entry towards the end. It feels nice that for a change as viewers we cheer for an older pair and moments between them make us leave the theatre with a smile.

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Updated: April 13, 2017 — 3:22 pm

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