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Live Update: Nibunan Review by Audience Response, Arjun’s 150th film based on action thriller

Action King Arjun’s 150th film Nibunan is a whodunit thriller, which is a fresh genre for the actor, who is mainly known for playing larger than life mass hero in action films. Investigative officer Ranjith Kalidoss (Arjun) and his team consisting of Joseph (Prasanna) and Vandana (Varalakshmi) get a strange packet to their office. After bomb squad’s intervention, they find that the box has a doll covered by a blood stained shirt and an animal masked face.

Major positive aspect of Nibunan is the characterization of Arjun, as the director has nicely explored the family and friendship side of the cop. Scenes with Sruti Hariharan are a bit overboard but the Parkinson’s disease angle is an interesting idea. However, Arun could’ve worked better in scenes where Arjun and subordinates solve the murder mystery, as things look easy and convenient for them.


Arjun looks stylish and suave as the fit and honest officer, and he excels in the couple of action blocks he gets. Varalaxmi and Prasanna have enough space for their roles and are good as the protagonist’s aides. Sruthi Hariharan strikes a good chemistry with Arjun and her casting as a concerned and loving wife is apt. Vaibhav has little to do. Suman and Suhasini appear in the crucial moments of the film.

The movie progresses at a considerable pace, only mildly hampered by the romance between Kalidas and Shilpa (Shruthi Hariharan). The cinematography, while plays mildly with colours, is fairly straightforward. On the whole, Nibunan feels like the middle bencher in school. It doesn’t surprise you, for good or for worse.

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Updated: July 27, 2017 — 8:33 am

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