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Kaafi Thota Live Review, Update & Audience Response: 1st Day Collection, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, Hyderabad

After a long wait, T. N. Seetharam is back to directing feature film Kaafi Thota. The ace television serial director had made his film directing debut with Meera Madhava Raghava. Now, after almost a decade later, he is all set to release his latest offering – Kaafi Thota, a romantic-thriller. Following in the steps of another filmmaker Pavan Kumar, T. N. Seetharam has opted for crowd-funding and he has produced the film along with 29 other donors.

The film unfolds with an old tale of a coffee plantation heiress being killed in her house tank. Soon, the action forwards to 20 years later to the estate, which is also a commercial home stay now. A musician and music therapist enters this place and wins everyone over, including the always irritable owner. Love blossoms and they decide to tie the knot. Enters an old paramour, a fire brand lawyer, whose brain is akin to Chacha Chaudhary – sharper than a needle and faster than a super-computer. There’s also a cop on a mission and a best friend of the lawyer who yearns for his love secretly.


The film begins on a slow pace with the makers trying to establish everyone’s character and trying to connect loose ends by establishing clues with scenes aplenty. It is only towards the interval and in the second half that one gets to see the film progress with everything unravelling then. There are far too many characters in the first half and with each of their trait being established, one wonders when the action begins. And when the film proceeds from a mundane triangular love story to a whodunit thriller, it is only then that the screenplay moves forward.

Rahul Madhav has the more affable role among the two male leads, but Raghu Mukherjee impresses in the second half. Samyukta Hornad does well in her interesting bits of the film, while Apeksha Purohit’s multi-hued role could have been sketched out better. The ensemble cast of the film, despite their limited dimensional roles, entertain – be it Veena Sundar as the caring aunt or Sundar Raj as the greedy uncle. The best bits of the film is the quirky chemistry between TN Seetharam and Sudha Belawadi.

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Updated: August 18, 2017 — 9:12 am

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