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Honey Bee 2.5 Review, Live Update & Response: 1st Day Collection at Kerala Box Office

Actor-director Lal’s next venture as screenwriter, Honey Bee 2.5, will hit the screens on tomorrw. According to Lal, the post production of the movie is in full swing. Honey Bee 2.5 was shot in the locations of his last venture Honey Bee 2 and narrates the tale of an aspiring actor landing up at a shooting location. Asif Ali’s brother Askar Ali and Lijimol play the lead roles.

A love-cum-arranged wedding, which is quite common in our part of the world, is a well-suited setting for some dramatics between families involved, thanks to the extremely delicate balance of emotions, egos, expectations and status prevailing in the atmosphere. A bromantic comedy in which booze walks in as ‘touchings’ for every scene, Honey Bee 2’s plot is quite flimsy like its prequel, and banks on the aforementioned theatrics to entertain the audience.


Seban (Asif Ali) and Angela ( Bhavana), who even tried to end their lives in the prequel by drowning when her family opposed their relationship, finally have reasons to cheer. Angela’s family decides to hold a grand wedding of the duo realizing how deep their love is. However, their journey to being the happily-ever-after couple still has a few more hurdles ahead. Making fun of our megastars, bringing on some hilarious one liners, peppering dialogues with a handful of forgivable new-gen expletives, the film offers a steady stream of laughter.

At least 20 per cent of it can be seen in such real-life weddings too but in a comedy film, it should be presented in an engaging fashion, if not thoroughly entertaining, to do justice to the audience and that’s absent here. When you watch certain characters that just can’t make up their mind, you don’t experience any fun but would want to shout at them ‘Get out house!’ The only saving grace of the second half is certain costumes sported by Bhavana, which are extremely gorgeous with a modern take on the traditional attires.

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Updated: August 17, 2017 — 3:04 pm

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