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Great Khali is back on WWE to save Jinder Mahal: Battleground Great Khali return saves Jinder Mahal

The Great Khali, a former World Heavyweight Champion and personal hero of WWE Champion Jinder Mahal, made his presence known at WWE Battleground. The 7-foot-1 Punjabi Giant returned to WWE during Mahal’s Punjabi Prison Match against Randy Orton and came to the aid of his countryman, arriving after Orton had dispatched of both Singh Brothers and stopping WWE’s Apex Predator from climbing out of the structure.

Orton and Mahal gave their everything in the brutal Punjabi Prison match. After managing to escape the first cage, the Singh brothers, who had earlier stated that they will not be by Mahal’s side got themselves involved and stopped Orton from climbing out of the second and helped Mahal in a big way. Orton though took care of the Singhs.


Mahal became one of the most unlikely WWE Champions in history earlier this year, and his Indian heritage was a key aspect of the decision making behind giving him the title. WWE has been looking to expand in India for years, and they see Mahal as a potential money-maker inside the vast Asian country. They’ve done it before of course with The Great Khali, who though he was a physical marvel at over seven foot tall, was also one of the most limited wrestlers of all time.

In his later years with WWE Khali could barely walk to the ring such was the state of his Paul Gascoigne post 1991 knees, and he finally limped out of the company in 2014. So it was to everybody’s surprise last night that he returned to WWE during the main event last night, and assisted Mahal to defend Orton and defend his title.

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Updated: July 24, 2017 — 5:33 pm

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