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Georgettan’s Pooram 3rd Day Collection: Review & Kerala Box Office Update

George Vadakkan is the quintessential prodigal son of a priest, who wished he followed the father’s path. His friends and George generally hang out at Mathayi Parambu, a public playground cum hangout space of the area. How the park plays a part in setting his life straight is the core of the Pooram.

A group of street-smart Romeos who loiter around happy-go-lucky until hard time strikes, which would predictably set them straight – A formula that can go either ways, depending on how well the makers mix and match it with the right ingredients. In Georgettan’s Pooram, sadly, the recipe doesn’t click and the end result is quite bland.


Georgettan’s Pooram has a promising plot but it has been developed without much surprises and entertaining elements. The blame is on the first half, which is filled with loads of clichéd elements like childhood sequences of George, love angle of Merlin and George and cerain other unwanted sequences. Add to it the fizzled out jokes, the film nosedives in the first half. Even the actors are left helpless with sequences that offers nothing to entertain.

Georgettan’s Pooram would have been a complete entertainer, had the makers taken due care of the first half of the movie. The film fails completely in the humour department and if you can sit through the boring first half, it might turn out to be a watchable one.

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Updated: April 2, 2017 — 6:09 pm

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