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FU / Friendship Unlimited 3rd Day Collection: First Weekend (Sunday) Box Office Report

FU, or Friendship Unlimited is eagerly awaited as it is the second film of Akash Thosar, the enormously popular hero of Nagraj Manjule’s Sairat. His role here is completely different from that of Parshya in Sairat. He plays Sahil, a hip urban student of a posh college in Mumbai. Akash looks good, is a city kid, but unfortunately, every time he opens his mouth, all we hear is Parshya. It would have been acceptable had he played a new kid in town settling into a big city.

The story or the semblance of it revolves around a group of students, Sahil (Thosar), Gatlya (Manjrekar), Mac (Kirodean), Chili (Pem) and Tara (Balgude). Revati (Parshurami) is the new girl who falls for Sahil and he for her. Then there are parents of everyone, teachers, school villain and some other minor characters. One of the problems here is too many characters and too many subplots for any individual element to develop fully.


Friendship Unlimited has its vices too. The endless songs get a bit too much and the lack of a proper story makes the film predictable. There are so many characters, all known faces, in the film that none of them get enough time to register on the viewers’ minds. Manjrekar has given Akash a role that’s entirely different from Parshya in Sairat and the youngster tries his best to make the most of it

However, he needs some more polishing to shine bright. Vaidehi, Mayuresh and Shubham stand out. Surprisingly Satya, who has had a dismissible presence in his previous films, delivers well and makes a mark in some scenes. FU is an entertainer and has to be watched that way. If you are expecting a serious subject that makes you think hard, your journey ends with the film’s title, which perhaps also happens to be Manjrekar’s answer to critics.

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Updated: June 4, 2017 — 5:50 pm

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