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Enno Enno Bhaavaley Lyrics, Yuddham Sharanam: Naga Chaitanya Enno Enno Bhaavaley Song Lyrics, Video

Naga Chaitanya makes you cherish relationships and bonds around you in this new song from his upcoming film, directed by Krishna RV Marimuthu and starring Lavanya Tripathi opposite Naga Chaitanya. The actor has shared the first song from his upcoming film, Yuddham Sharanam. The song, called Enno Enno Bhaavaley, portrays the bond of a family and the sweet-sour experiences within a relationship.

The song also gives a glimpse of the chemistry shared between Chaitanya and Lavanya Tripathi. Talking about the film, Naga Chaitanya asserted that it is not just an action film, but a very youth-centric thriller where he plays a college dropout who makes drones. Directed by Krishna RV Marimuthu, Yuddham Sharanam is being produced by Vaarahi Chalan Chitram. Yuddham Sharanam was supposed to release in August but the dates have not been out yet.

Naga Chaitanya Enno Enno Bhaavaale Song Lyrics

Enno Enno Bhaavaley
Penavese Yedhaloo Raagaley
Enno Enno Bhaavaley
Penavese Yedhaloo Raagaley

Pulakinche..Bandhaalanni Okkatai
Aalakinchee.. Aanandaala Paate
Kanabadaagaa… Kanabadagaa.. Swargam
Kadile Ee KshanameKagaa Oka Varamee

Bandhaalanni Okkatai
Aanandaala Paate
Enno Enno Bhaavaley
Penavese Yedhaloo Raagaley

Ee Veeche Gaale Kore
Oo Karige Kaalam Aagi
Undipoovaaa Eppudilaage
Chirunavvula Vennalaloni

Ve Vannela Vannelu Anni
Nemmadigaa Bandheelaiponi
Ee Chakkani Chitramloni
Oo Chilipi Varnam Nenai

Ellappudu Sandadi Chesayani
Madi Kore Aashe Taramugaa
Kanipinche Maaram
Yedha Chese Baase Nimaragaa

Olikinche Gaaram
Anuvanuvuu Naaloo
Enno Padanisalee
Palike Paravasameee

Pulakinche..Bandhaalanni Okkatai
Aalakinchee.. Aanandaala Paatee

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Updated: August 7, 2017 — 9:42 am

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